Charcoal Free – Deluxe Tea Candle Incense Burner – Handmade Engraved Brass


No Charcoal – No Mess. This brass incense burner uses candle flame rather then charcoal to burn your favorite incense resins, oils, and dried herbs. Handmade with beautiful brass engravings on the base, imported from India directly from the company that makes them.

Charcoal Free – Deluxe Tea Candle Incense Burner – Handmade Engraved Brass

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Charcoal Free – Deluxe Tea Candle Incense Burner – Handmade Engraved Brass


  • Made of brass for great heat induction
  • Adjustable height to keep the heat just right
  • Comes with a brass bowl and screen to put the resins, oils, or herbs on.
  • The base fits tea candles and most mid sized table candles snugly.
  • Beautifully crafted and engraved
  • Comes in 8 easy to assemble pieces
  • Will last a life time with proper care

– Info and Burning tips –

It takes a little practice to get your resins burning just how you like them. Here are a few tips to get you well on your way.

  • After lighting your candle try and adjust the brass tray so that the candle flame is nearly touching the bottom of the bowl.
  • Whether your incense resin is in powder form or rock form makes no lasting difference. Once in the tray the heat will turn your resin into a liquid oil.
  • Use only one small piece of resin at a time, this is important. Not only will it make your resin stash last much longer, but if you put in too much resin at the start then the oil that’s created will become too thick and will no longer smoke.
  • Generally you want just a thin layer of resin oil in the tray, if it gets too thick and no longer smokes, carefully remove some of the oil with a piece or cloth or tissue. (Remember its very hot so care is needed!)
  • Amazingly even one small piece of incense resin can give off a beautiful aroma for an hour or more once in oil form, and just add another small piece to reload at any time.
  • These are guidelines only. Different resins will behave differently so be sure to experiment with both the amount of resin used at once and the amount of heat, and you will soon find the setting that works best for you.

– Safety Warning –

This incense burner is made of pure brass and will get very hot to the touch from the natural flame of the candle. Be sure to only touch the wooden knob and the base, and always place your burner on a solid surface and away from flammable material like cloth.

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