Oman Frankincense Resin Organic Incense – Scent of the Sacred


This Fruity Frankincense resin comes from the beautiful country of Oman and has long been sought after for its purity. 

Scent: Fresh Citrus – Rich Honey – Sweet Amber – Light Fir – Other Surprises

Oman Frankincense Resin Organic Incense – Scent of the Sacred
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Oman Frankincense Resin Organic Incense – Scent of the Sacred


  • Uplift Mood and Spirit
  • Increase Mental Equipoise and Cognition
  • Compliment and enhance your Meditation and Prayer time
  • Stimulate a Nice Creative Atmosphere
  • Cleanse the Air of left over Negative Emotions
  • Various Medicinal uses can be found on the internet

Fun Frankincense Facts:

  • Frankincense resins and tree resins in general have always been held in the highest of esteem by the various peoples of the earth, spanning tens of thousands of years into the past.
  • This is due to the various uses that come from these tree resins;  from their calming aromas to their disinfectant and healing properties; from everyday wood varnishes and soaps to sealants, to teas and tonics, and so much more.
  • Incense resin is used in temples of worship and in the comfort of homes as an aid during prayer and meditation times; it really does help to quite the mind and elevate the spirit.
  • Let us remember that the three wise men brought Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold to the Light of the World.
  • It’s no wonder that in times past Frankincense resin was valued as highly as Gold.
  • Cities and civilizations have been based on the frankincense trade as the ruins of Samahran and Khawr Rawri cities, once bustling with life, tell us.
  • In these ancient cities, writings in the southern Arabic alphabet, today called Al Jabaliya, relate the story of how they were established for the very purpose of exporting Frankincense to different parts of the Arabian Peninsula and beyond.
  • Frankincense really has passed the tests of time!
  • Frankincense Correspondences: Sun – Heart Center – Church of Thyatira – Anahata Chakra – Solfeggio Note C

“Until the cool of the day
And the shadows flee away,
I will go my way to the mountain of myrrh
And to the hill of frankincense”
~Song of Solomon 4:6

A Sense of Wonder is just a Breath Away with Oman Frankincense Resin Organic Incense frankincense oman wilderness post 05 frankincense oman wilderness post 07

wildernesspost oman frankincense 30gwildernesspost oman frankincense 60g

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 4 in

A) 15g (1/2oz), B) 30g (1oz), C) 60g (2oz), D) 150g (5oz), E) 500g (17.6oz) (1/2kg)

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