Pondering Pine Organic Incense Resin – The Scents of the Forest


Pondering Pine incense resin is carefully collected from the Ponderosa Pine tree and other various species of Pine Trees that make their home within the Monashee Mountain Range of British Columbia.
Like these trees, their resins themselves have variation in their properties.
Some smell sweet while others pine.
Who knows what treats there is to find?

Pondering Pine Organic Incense Resin – The Scents of the Forest
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Incense Uses:
– Compliment and enhance your Meditation and Prayer time
– Increase Mental Equipoise and Cognition
– Uplift Mood and Spirit
– Stimulate a Nice Creative Atmosphere
– Cleanse the Air of left over Negative Emotions and elevate the mood of your whole household
– Burn it while doing your Chores and let them become enjoyable
– Various Medicinal uses can be found on the internet

Other Uses:
Pine resin has many other uses other then for just incense.
Traditionally it has been used as a tonic for treating various ailments and for treating skin rashes and even open wounds to stop the bleeding, while at the same time protecting against the spread of harmful bacteria.
Pine resin is a great companion for back country exploring and for survival situations. It works like pitch making a great fire starter. It can be used as a glue, and even as a wood tarnish when processed properly.
All of the uses for Pine resin can be found with some exploration on the internet.

Burning Tips:
Pine resin has a lower melting point then some other resins such as frankincense and so ideally we like using a little less heat.
We like burning our pine resin using the tea candle method rather then using charcoal bricks for a few reasons.
One, the smoke is more pure when not using charcoal.
Two, The resin burns much slower yet still creates a nice steady fragrance.
Three, we are not wasting as much of the incense as sometimes can happen with charcoal.
Four, we don’t need to worry about the tea candle going out half way through the burn as often happens when using charcoal.

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Pondering Pine Organic Incense Resin – The Scents of the Forest

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